Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Return of the Racers Blog (Episode 9)

Another installment of the 'Return of the Racers' blog [CBS]. Andrew's comments make me giggle and there's still LOTS of talk about an All-Star Episode.

11/14/06 11:04 am
I always wondered if they did an All Star season would they bring back all the winners. And the answer has to be no way. The Race is fantastic as it is so diversely cast. So lets compare winners...

Race 1- Good Lookin Alpha Males
Race 2- Good Lookin Alpha Males
Race 3- Nice Guy/Whiney Girl
Race 4- Good Looking Alpha Males
Race 5- Married/Nice African Amers.
Race 6- Nice Guy/Whiney Girl
Race 7- Married/Nice African Amers.
Race 8- Family Style Doesn't count
Race 9- Goofy Males

Chip. A
11/13/06 11:20 am

Many more comments to come later, on what I think was the best leg this year...and it isn't over yet, which I love. You think you are all tired of watching this, imagine doing it!

So my comments for early morning...no comments from Chip and Kim, don't you just all miss them promoting their website more than making thoughtful comments on the show on this blog (although I still think you are great Kim and would do the show with you in a second)...I guess their popularity was great and along with BJ and Tyler and maybe Brennan they are all doing ALL STARS. I just hope that John and Al from our season are doing it too....and WIN!!! They deserve it.

The Amazing Race is incredible and everyone keep watching, you have seen nothing yet! The final episodes I am sure will be incredible and it is so exciting to see new creative tasks and now they are testing everyone's reserve tanks of energy.


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