Sunday, November 12, 2006

From Madagascar to Finland (E9)

Teams left last week's Pit Stop with tickets provided to them for a flight to Paris at 9:40pm. They had the choice of whether to use the tickets and then arrange additional flights from there or they could arrange their own flights from the beginning. The show only did this because of the limited number of flights leaving the country. After noticing a flight that was just getting ready to board/check in, the models found a flight that was leaving within an hour and a half for Johannesburg. They, along with the Beauty Queens, Rob & Kim and the Cho's, booked flights arriving in Helsinki at 10:20am via Frankfurt via Johannesburg leaving Madagascar at 5am. For some non-tension filled minutes, it seemed like Bama wouldn't be able to make the flight but, as I said "non-tension, so Bama made the plane with everyone else.

Once in Helsinki, or as the BQs call it "Hell-in-ski", teams took cabs to find the Kappeli cafe where they had to log into their AOL accounts to receive their next clues. Teams were treated to video messages from their loved ones. All teams were excited but Bama, who received messages from their children, were the only ones who cried. After seeing their messages, the cafe owner gave them their next clue. Teams then had to travel by train & taxi 125 miles & locate a local school, where they would have to search the grounds for their next clue.

On the train, Tyler flirted outrageously with the Beauty Queens while he put moisturizer on his face (can you see me rolling my eyes?). Once at their destination, teams had to line up to catch taxis outside the train station. The models & the Beauty Queens jumped in the first available ones while other teams were forced to wait in line, though they didn't. Rob & Kimberly talked their way to the front of the line while Bama just jumped the line even though a business man was persistent in his right to the cab up until the moment they basically shoved him out of the way. Poor Cho's had to wait in line for the next cab: "Being polite sucks sometimes." Oh well, they caught up with Rob & Kimberly at the school anyways because their cab took them to the wrong school first, dropping them behind Bama.

At the school, the teams followed a marked path to the next clue box (not much searching, really). Here they found this leg's Detour. In this Detour, teams had a choice between Swamp This and Swamp That. In Swamp This, the Beauty Queens & Bama had to cross country ski through a one mile course across a muddy field, including climbing a couple of fences. In Swamp That, the models, Rob & Kim and the Cho's had to run, crawl, climb, jump & carry each other through an obstacle course. The models made a slight error in judgement by changing their clothes before leaving the school effectively negating their lead over the Beauty Queens but they were still the only teams to make the 3:11pm train to their next destination - Turku.

Once there, the teams had to choose a Mercedes and drive 70 miles to Lohja and the Tytyrin Mines located there. After arriving behind the models & the Beauty Queens by one hour, the Bamas once again semi-screwed over the Cho's. They sped out of the parking lot at the train station with the directions that the Cho's had shared with them on the train. Once at the mines, teams had to locate the marked door to the tram. For some reason, this caused problems for two of the teams (Beauty Queens & Rob and Kim) causing them to fall behind the teams on the same train as them. Since there was only one tram, teams had to wait a few minutes for the teams before them to travel into the mines before they could descend from the surface.

In the mines, teams came up against a RoadBlock. In this RoadBlock, one team member had to ride a bike downhill into a mine, retrieve a limestone block from a marked pile and bring it & their bike back up the hill. Once there, they had to use the traditional tools provided to break open the block and get their next clue. After screaming all the way down the hill "I'm coming for ya!", Rob passed Karlyn on the way back up the hill. All teams were then on their way to the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.

After locating another marked door, teams found a clue box directing them to the top of the tower. Once there, teams were then instructed to run down the side of the tower into the stadium before they could receive their next clue. Notice how I didn't say "rappel" down the building? That's because teams had to go down the side of the building face first! Tyler & James were the only team we saw complete the task and receive their next clue: Keep Racing!!

I think the Cho's are slowly catching on to the underhandedness of the Bama girls. They were only using them to get ahead and they're finally showing their true colors. Now, while I really don't like the Beauty Queens, Bama is quickly becoming numero uno on my "slap you silly" list. The models need start using their heads. I think they got too confident coming in first for a couple of legs at the beginning but now they're making really stupid mistakes. They need to get the Beauty Queens out of their heads and the race back in. Rob & Kimberly should just keep making mistakes because if this had been a regular Pit Stop, they would have been gone and I definitely wouldn't have been sorry to see that!


At 11/13/2006 5:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Ive said in previous posts, as much as I hate to say it I figure the final three teams will be;

1 -- BQ's
2 -- 'Bama
3 -- Rob/Kim

I say this because the Cho's are not giving up on their strategy of being friendly which give the 'Bama team a chance to screw over two teams; the models and the Cho's. We know they wont hold on to any alliance with the Cho's and they are already gunning for the models.

The BQ's have already come out and said, maybe in not so many words, that they hold no alliance with the models and will use them and drop them. They have no beef with the Cho's and they truly dislike the bama's.

Rob and Kim while on everyone's s**t list, are also not the main team that everyone is really gunning for. I think that unless they are right behind another team coming into a yield they will actually make it through them safely. Their only real enemy is themselves as they suck at navigation and under pressure do not work well together at all. He is the true drama queen on the group and she cannot get his hissy fits under control when he flips out.

At 11/13/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger LoLo D. said...

Sorry, I don't agree. I think the final three teams will be BQ's, the models & Rob & Kim. In the next episode, it looks like the Cho's will finaly start playing for themselves so, hopefully that will mean the demise of Rob & Kim.

I was just remembering better episodes/seasons when a "to be continued" was because there was SO much that happened that it wouldn't fit in an hour episode. Now, they have "keep racing" to get double episode legs.

Do an Amazing Race where Canadians can run the race and we'll show you how it's done! :P

At 11/13/2006 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am most amused by Lola's continued "hatred" and jealousy towards the BQs. Lola, you should just rename this blog,
"I can't get over not being a Beauty Queen in my life." Girlfriend, you need to get over it, cuz your blatent jealousy is just a riot.

I hope the Chos woke up to the fact that the Bama team used them the entire time. The Bamas have latched on to anyone they can use throughout this race. They have only made it this far because the Chos hope for perks beyond this show season, for being the nice guys (but lets not forget their tricks against other teams.) They signed up as a 2 member team but changed the dynamics for their benefit and hopefully to their detriment. This is 2 team member race, not a 6 team member race. If they want to be a team with these folks, find another contest.
The models and Rob/Kim team are in it to win (like it or not), as they should be. Lets not all play nicey nice, its sickening. Until next week.

At 11/13/2006 11:35 AM, Blogger Miss 604 said...

The Cho's are too nice - they have such potential but the grunting, raging will of Rob (and Kim that will follow or lead him anywhere) is totally catching up with them.

The Models are capable of coming in first every time, they just tend to lose their lead by getting lost or getting changed at inopportune times.

I noted to my husband that at least the BQ's aren't like the Pinkies last season (with their half tops and hot pants) I mean, they wear track pants and capris, get dirty and complete tasks - their Ts & As aren't hanging out although they do not hesitate to use their bodies and blond hair to their advantage when they need help in a foreign town.

I think I would be the most crushed if Rob & Kim took the prize. No one's ever been a fan of the screaming, verbally abusive couples on AR.

Bama's very determined to win any way that they can - they have a prize in mind and just want to reach their goal. Did you see how they kicked butt on the swamp task? They've got everything in them pushing them forward right now. picks right now are:
1) Models
2) BQs
3) Rob & Kim

Although I'd LOVE to see the Cho's take it all and see my list shot to hell :p

At 11/13/2006 2:21 PM, Blogger Miss 604 said...

oh and yeah, get some canadians on the show DAMMIT!

At 11/13/2006 4:03 PM, Blogger LoLo D. said...

Sorry, "anonymous", but it's not jealousy or "hatred", it's disgust. What would I have to be jealous of? The fact that they use their bodies and pretty faces to get what they want? Maybe if they'd raced with some integrity I would respect them more but they didn't so, I don't. If you have a problem with my point of view, then don't read our blog and while you're at it, why don't you come out from behind the "anonymous" handle. At least I have the courage to state my point of view without having to hide.

At 11/13/2006 4:29 PM, Blogger LoLo D. said...

If the models are smart, they will continue to play the game the way they have. Help the teams it's advantageous for them to help but don't get locked into alliance with anyone. Essentially flying under everyone's radar while staying at the front of the pack.

Bama is out to get all they can and unfortunately, they're currently using the Cho's to get them to the end. While I understand the Chos' need to play "nicey-nice", it's fustrating to see what could be an awesome team fall behind because those that they're loyal to are continually screwing them over.

Rob & Kimberly are the Victoria/Jonathan or Tara/Will couple this season. They make mistakes, they yell at each other, they give up, they fight with each other but they ultimately support each other in a weird dysfunctional way.

As for the BQs, they could have decided to run the race with respect for the countries they visited or for their other racers but it's no coincidence that none of the other teams like them. Tyler may flirt with them but that's what happens when you wear tight shirts and flaunt yourself in front of men. Not that there aren't other teams that have been rude or ignorant while traveling (Kimberly) but it's been consistent from them. I was all for an all female team winning AR10 but I don't like this team and I don't think they deserve to win. There's something called good sportsmanship and they don't have it. They're not a team I want my six or twelve year old nieces looking up to.

At 11/14/2006 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im the anon that posted the first response to this blog, but I have to agree with the second anon poster. Several of your past entries have had a serious lean against the BQ's. Yes they have been acting stupid (i.e. Where is London) but unlike any of the previous token "hottie" teams they are doing quite well and have managed to get quite far in the game. They have been no more rude than anyone else so far this season, and as a team they tend to work better together than some of the rest. Yeah they may flirt to try and get some where, but you know what they are not doing anything different than any of the other teams. At least they didnt butt ahead of people patiently waiting in line. If you got it ... use it. Be it brains, or beauty. Like a previous poster said, at least they are not hanging out all over the place ... and as much as you may not like it, the 'Bama women are wearing clothes just as tight at the BQ's are. Seems you are just choosing to see their outfits as being more revolting than anyone elses.

So far the BQ's, and the Cho's have seem to have had way less communication breakdowns amoung themselves then almost any other team still in the race. The BQ's have raced good, and no more underhanded than anyone else and they deserve to be where they are now.

Aaron Obst ... you can reach me at if you want to discuss more. Im just to lazy to sign up for a real login.

At 11/14/2006 12:48 PM, Blogger Gus said...

Hey Anonymous,

You don't have to sign up, you can use the "OTHER" section and enter your name.

So as much as we hate them, and LOVE to hate them, I think the BQ will take it all. I'm sorry that they are not eveyone's favourite, heck they surely are not mine, but they will take it. They have been strong and have made it this far. We can't take that away from them. The Cho's deserve it for sure, but "nice" doesn't get you first place, at least not in this race, but maybe in Karma!

At 11/14/2006 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lola, this isn't a communist country. Perhaps you should keep in mind that THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT. CBS slices and dices the hours of film to dramatize the episode. And, if you want a name give me one, since you only feel secure when you are in control.
YOU DON'T KNOW ANY OF THESE PEOPLE PERSONALLY. And if you think you do, you should get a life beyond blogging.
To everyone else that supports the reality of TV, AND ARRON THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF MY COMMENTS.

And finally, you are a very jealous, biased, and prejudiced Asian American. You should be ashamed of your hatred. I am Asian as well, and find your mean spiritedness repulsive.

Give me any name you'd like.

At 11/14/2006 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and to everyone that doesn't know there are several Londons.

London Ontario is just one.

Maybe you all need a geography lesson. lol

At 11/14/2006 10:25 PM, Blogger Miss 604 said...

These people are on a reality TV show - they are in the public eye and are there to entertain. It is just TV, and these are just our comments on what we see on TV.

We have no right to personally attack the BQ's but based on what we see on TV we make comments. This blog is our point of view and the Amazing Race is the topic.

If this was a blog about hockey and we talked about players we didn't like because they made cheap hits we have every right to do so. Sure we don't know their personal life, if they have a family, if they mow their lawns on Sunday. But we see what's in the public eye and comment on it.

You have every right to comment - but when you personally attack a blogger simply because she also has a point of view I think it's best to just close the browser.

Your opinion on the Race is valid but when you come to a blog and personally attack an author (who has as much right to comment as you do) where do we draw the line?

At 11/15/2006 5:36 PM, Blogger Gus said...

I have to agree with Miss604 on this one.

Plus you can't comment thinking that everyone that is watching is AMERICAN!!! come now!! If all must be known us "authors" (and I use the term loosely) on this are Canadian. Realize that there are other people watching throughout, not just AMERICANS!! :)

We write our point of view, afterall we are the audience and can only comment on what CBS showcases.


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