Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Model Undies

Just read about this on dingorue's site, a post about our favourite lost-in-space, cutie, recovering druggie, Tyler.
When it comes to male models, few are as prolific as those that appear on The Amazing Race. There's Freddy (of Freddy and Kendra), who wound up frolicking in the water for many a Club Med ad. Then there was Brandon, the curly-haired Christian, who's modeled for various and sundry outfitters. And now we have a new spotting. Which Amazing Racer can presently be seen adorning Hanes tighty-whitey packages across the country [TVGasm]

Nice! I'm waiting to see more of the Hippies but I'm sure we'll all get a heavy dose of the old favourites (and not-so-favourites) when the All Star season approaches.


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