Monday, September 25, 2006

Babe, Episode 2, Babe

I'm writing the recap because Laura is boycotting the blog right now. She doesn't like ANY of the teams and was completely unenthused about posting. So the show better smarten up eh?! -------------------------------------

The teams started out on the second leg of the race and proceeded to Mongolia by bus. Tyler and James were the first to depart in the morning as they were the first to the mat the night before. Once off the bus all teams raced to a temple where a nice little man in a mask handed them their next clue (and if the Hippies were on this season they would have said "Thanks Santa!" Ahh!) .

Now, the amazing part of the entire episode, featuring ancient Jeep-type Russian vehicles from decades of yore, was that everyone knew how to drive stick. Unlike other seasons where teams would get all flustered and weepy. Oh, except for Rob who said the grinding noise wasn't him ... it was the car.

The teams piled into their little Jeep-y Rover-y type trucks and took off for the town of Terelj. Several teams had car troubles including the models, Tyler and James who had a flat (and a busted jack). Coalminer and his wife managed to get their car stuck so far in the mud you could barely see the tops of the tires. By this point, the teams were rather staggered.

Once at their destination, everyone had to saddle up and go by horse to the site of the next challenges. "Do horses smell fear?" asked Kimberly who ended up getting a face full of tree branch when her horse bolted off (with her on it). After the horsey rides the teams ran into a detour: take it down or fill it up.

Take it down involved disassembling a nomad hut, packing everything up and securing it for transport. For Fill it up, teams had to lead indegenous bison-ox-type animals pulling carts over to the river to fill up cans with water. They then had to cart them back and pour the cans they filled into a huge drum. Teams had troubles controlling the beasts and overall I think the Take it down would have been much easier (and less frustrating).

When the tasks were complete, they headed to their final challenges of the leg. They had to shoot a flaming arrow over a wall and several hundred feet away into a dish - that would then light up in big fire-ball fashion. Everyone seemed to have problems with this as well and the single moms & cheerleaders lagged way behind as they ran into car trouble and couldn't figure out directions.

Able to send their arrow soaring spot on to victory, Peter and Sarah arrived first at the mat, winning a trip for two to Mexico. Not far behind were the models, Tyler and James - who came from way behind after the blown-tire incident. Next came Duke and Lauren, then after a bit of a struggle with the bow n' arrow, Tom and Terry. The beauty queens and the happy couple followed suit but not until after they hand another quarrel and 'babe' war. David & Mary, Erwin & Godwin (the brothers who fell in the rankings due to car trouble) and finally Lyn & Karlyn arrived at the pit stop. The cheerleaders arrived at dusk and struggled in vain to get their arrow to hit the target, after what seemed like a long time (since it turned pitch black outside), they finally gave up - they had no more energy to keep attempting the stunt. Quitters.

It was fairly uneventful. The blonds were ditsy, the old cars broke down, the couple that bitches at each other finished in a respectible position and giggled and kissed once it was over.

Next week some of the comraderie between the teams goes out the window and Laura still searches for a favourite.

Item of note: On the official site, there's a section called "Return of the Racers" where some of the past winners and participants have some blogs posted.

What are your thoughts so far?

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Canadian Outback

I flipped out when I saw this 'route marker' box outside of Red Robon on Thurlow and Robson [googlemaps] the other day. Upon closer inspection, it was for a coporate team challenge by 'Canadian Outback Adventures'.
We create Outdoor Adventures, Corporate Team Building Events, and Unique Stories that you'll never forget. We make it possible for people to live stories worth telling.
Another little taste of the race here in Vancouver.

Tonight is episode two, 8pm on CTV (or 5:00pm if you have digital cable and can watch it on an east coast station... like I do then I spoil it for Laura and Gus while they're still at work.... yeah I'm a stinker).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

From Seattle to Beijing

Amazing Race kicked off tonight and we kicked it off with an impromtu get together at Rebecca & John's apartment. Three out of the four contributors to this site were present, though one of us had to work for most of the episode. Phil warned the racers that there would be some unexpected surprises on this season of the race and apparently, though I missed it, every leg will be an elimination leg. The teams began their race on a rain slick hill in Seattle. Almost the entire first hour was dedicated to the navigation through Seattle's traffic in the racers' quest to locate the SeaTac airport. Some teams failed to read their clues carefully and tried to return their cars to the car rental return lot rather than parking them in the Thrifty's Parking Lot. There were only two flights that the teams were allowed to take. The first through United would only have enough seats for six teams and would give them an hour lead on the remaining teams. The soccer moms were put out because Sara got to board the plane first, what with her prostethic & all. But I have to admit that the best airport situation was when the Cho brothers had their water pistols confiscated by the airport police. Hello?! Where have you been for the past 5 years?! If you can't take fluids on a plane, why would they let you take gun shaped toys on it! Oh, boys are dumb!

Once in Beijing, the teams had to locate a restaurant and dine on a Chinese delicacy...... Fish Eyes! Yum-my! For the teams that gagged their way through it, I only have this to say: Suck it up! There were only four fish heads so, how many eyes do you think they really had to eat?! These people come on the show and they don't expect to do things that will push them to their limits. Have they never watched the show before?! From there, they raced to the Forbidden City & had to pull times from a lighted block that would dictate the order in which they would leave the site the next morning. After some confusion & dillydallying, Bilal & Sayeed were the first team to be eliminated from the race in a surprise elimination during the overnight break! Phil did warn them to expect the unexpected! (God, I love Phil!)

The next day, teams raced to find penny cabs that would take them to their detours. They had a choice between Labour (arranging bricks in a specific pattern in a set space) or Leisure (learning a Chinese relaxation exercise). Most of the teams decided to do the "Labour" choice but failed to notice that the outer rim had to be constructed from the gray bricks before they could begin the pattern in the middle with the red ones. Only the gay couple team & the cheerleader team tried the "Leisure" choice. Once they had their clue, they had to race to the Great Wall and scale one of the turrets to reach Phil & the Pit Stop Mat (sounds like a weird rock band). Due to some techinical difficulties with her prostethic, Sara tried to take it slow but the wall proved to be a great challenge for her. But in the end, it was Vipul & Arti who were eliminated second from the race.

The group consensus is that Tom & Terry are the comic relief for this season; Rob & Kimberley are the new team MoJo; and the coalminer & his wife are just so redneck it's endearing.

Favourite Quote from this episode was from the Cheerleaders, Kellie & Jamie:
Do Muslims believe in Buddha?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's Here!

Tomorrow you're all invited over to our place for the premiere of AR10! Okay well, Gus and Laura are :p The new season kicks off at 8:30 ET/PT on CBS and we'll be sure to blog our every reaction.

For the show's trailer, click here and stay tuned!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Amazing Race for Vancouverites

I just came across an add for the Vancouver "Navigate the Streets" challenge this morning. I made a post to Metroblogging Vancouver so check it out. If you the have money (and the time) join the run around Vancouver this Sunday. Don't forget to bring all the high tech gadgets possible to help you out.

If you're not interested in participating I'm sure we'll catch a glimpse of the racers throughout the day.

This Sunday is also the PREMIERE of AR10 - are you excited? Well.... ARE YA?